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My Fair Lady Knickers

I finished my first year at uni last week and now have until early october free. I was hoping to get a job but unfortunately there isn't much work going around where i live and lots of people aren't hiring because of the recession so i figured to keep myself busy i could make lingerie to try and sell online. Im planning on setting up a website within the next couple of weeks so look out for it :). Here are some of the knickers i have made. The photo isn't very clear so i put a photo of the fabric up too so you can get a better idea of what it is like. Let me know what you think and if you have any advice/ suggestions of what you might like to see.

Tatjana Jeremic

I havent got the internet at home at the moment so this just a quick post whilst im at my nan and grandads. Tatjana Jeremic does a lot of lingerie illustrations. 
I really like her work, she incorporates a lot of textures by scanning in flowers and petals which give the work a girly finish. Below are some of her illustrations, enjoy.

The Symington Corsetry Collection

One of my second year projects is to write an essay on the history of the corset so i decided to start by going to see the Symington corsetry collection at Snibston Discovery Park in Coalville, Leicester. The day started off as a complete disaster as we got off at the wrong bus stop and ended up completely lost, to make matters worse it then started pouring hard, we called about 4 different taxi services to come get us but they were all busy. I finally managed to get a cab and 2 hours after leaving home we arrived. The fashion gallery and corset collection was pretty impressive and definately worth a visit if you are interested in fashion at all and theres plenty to do for all ages. 
Here are some of the photos i took:

Polka dots

I've developed a bit of a polka dot obsession lately
Here are some polka dot bikinis i like

And this is a swimming costume and a triangle bikini i made at uni

Marie Antoinette

I recently watched the Cappola movie and was very inspired by the costumes and colours used and decided to make a lingerie set based on this. The top image is a screen shot from the film and the one underneath is my design.

Signe Tolstrup's SS08 collection was based on Maire Antoinette.
The collection is quite girly and delicate but also seductive
Here are some of my favourite pieces from the collection.
I love the colour pallete used


Rosapois is an Italian lingerie brand, its luxurious and sensual.
I really like the collection particularly the bottom set.


I really like these photos, the top one is my favourite its fairly simple but effective.

50s Inspired lingerie by me

Camilla & Marc Swim

This swimwear by Camilla & Marc has a very retro feel
The swimsuit at the top is £107. i love the back and the floral print.

Jantzen swimwear ads

1950s style swimwear is becoming very popular right now. 
Here are some Jantzen ads from 50s.

I absolutely love these swimsuits they are very classy and stylish.

James Nader Photography

Here are some photos by James Nadar. The top one is my favourite.

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