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Busy, busy, busy

I've been tres busy over the last couple of weeks and still have a ridiculous amount of work to be getting on with but heres a little peek at what i've been getting upto. This is just a basque i've been making at uni (i didn't choose the fabric) i still have to add some arm straps and suspender straps but i personally think it looks better without. I now have 3 weeks to design, pattern cut and make a corset and basque (or something adapted from a basque pattern e.g a waspie) i am basing mine on a winter wonderland theme, fingers crossed i will get it done in time, eeek!!

Sleeping beauty

its a bit of a tradition that every year my friends & i make each others christmas presents, last year i made them some underwear but this year i thought id make them some night wear. 
I've got a bit of an obsession with sheer vintage looking nighties atm so i thought id have a go at making my own.
I've only made these two so far so will post the others when im done
Apologies for the rubbish photos, the colours aren't actually as dull as they appear in these images.
The top one is made out of chiffon... it was a bit of a pain to sew & my sewing machine tried to eat it on a few occasions but it came out alright in the end, the bottom one is made out of lace and stretch satin.

Jean Paul Gaultier S/S 10

Underwear as outerwear is a huge trend right now and here is Gaultiers take on it.

Dazed and Confused shoot

W magazine pinup shoot

You may have already seen these images before but i just love them so i thought i 
would post them up anyways.

Can you spot the Strumpet and pink knickers?

Conical Bras

Apparently they're back!
i actually think some of them can look quite cute with a pencil skirt for lounging around the house in, but im not sure id have the guts to wear one out and about.

What do you think of them?

Strumpet and Pink

I need these knickers in my life!!! Unfortunately i am but a poor student so i definately wont be purchasing them anytime soon. 
I may have to make myself some high waisted knickers at some point... thats if i ever have time.
How great would it be to lounge around the house all day in a pair of these?!?

The Lake and Stars 2010

Ive been sooo busy over the last few weeks with uni work etc so apologies for slacking at posting. Anywho heres some images of the lake and stars 2010 collection. i absolutely adore the photos aswell as the garments!

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