Biscuiteers... delicious underwear

Posted by on Tuesday, 28 September 2010

Whilst this underwear may not be wearable it certainly is yummy.

My mum sent me a biscuit card for my birthday and i thought it was such a good idea.
They do lots of different themed biscuits so there's something for everyone: shoes for the shoe lovers - my twin sister got one of those. There's some for children's birthday and any special occasion.


Above is the biscuit card i got for my birthday.

As its just been London Fashion week i thought i would share the clutch bag fashion week inspired biscuit with you too.

Check out the website here

"Biscuit cards are a completely new idea. If you’re looking for a memorable way to say 'Thank you', 'Get well', 'Congratulations' or even 'I love you', why not send a biscuit card instead?"

"Beautifully packaged in a smart white box with pink paper lining, you can send your own personal message and a wonderful treat at the same time"

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